Why Industrial Development at Iskandar

Growing demand of manufacturing activities in Malaysia, Iskandar

  • Generally across Malaysia, there is a high demand of industrial/manufacturing growth with RM52.1 billion of investment approved for the manufacturing sector in 2013.

IDR Graph

  • For 2013, out of the RM14.4 billion investments approved in Johor, approximately 70% or RM10 billion of the investments landed inside Iskandar Malaysia. This is the highest approved investments in the manufacturing sector since 2008 (RM9.8 billion).
  • By July 2014, Johor received RM18.6 billion in the manufacturing sector.

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source: Iskandar Regional Development Authority

Growing Demand of Industrial Development under managed park concept

  • Iskandar Development Region is about leveraging on Industrial and Commercial growths to bring in equipment and human capital investment for sustainable growth of Johor under continued synergized relationships with Singapore and other countries.
  • There is no foreign ownership restriction in industrial development, thus creating maximum development value for each project.
  • Industrial development under managed park concept with secured and gated environment coupled with ready build facilities is still at the start-off/growing phase as compared to other types of developments.