Management Team

Accomplishment is always much more meaningful when it comes not just from the effort of one person, but from the joint achievement of many.

Despite the founding team having different backgrounds including real estate, industrial power and utilities, project design and planning, as well as capital market, Harvest Land was born out of a long-term vision to revolutionize the current approaches in industrial park planning and development.


MANAGING PARTNER (CEO/Managing Director)

  • Executive Director and shareholder in Nusajaya Square Development Sdn Bhd – a developer for the flagship commercial development @ SiLC, Nusajaya (Iskandar – Flagship zone B) region.
  • Strong management experience and Corporate portfolio including acting CEO in Power Plug Busduct Sdn Bhd (PPB Malaysia).
  • 14 years working experience in design and manufacturing bus way system. (
  • Bachelor Degree in Business Information Technology, University of Northumbria


MANAGING PARTNER (COO/Industrial Commercialization Director)

  • 15 years corporate career in power and utilities industry
  • At government linked companies, Singapore Power, and SembCorp Industries.
  • Involved at pioneer stage of Distribtion & Retail of piped  Natural Gas. Committee member at EMA (Energy Market Authority of Singapore) entrusted with instituting Electricity Market Liberalization Rules. With extensive experience in electricity, gas and water supplies commercial conceptualisation. Last corporate position was AVP, SembCorp Utilities and GM SembCorp Power Pte Ltd.
  • Vast network in various government agencies i.e. EMA, Singapore Gas importers, Singapore Gencos, Electricity Retailers, Gas Retailers , JTC, NEA, and Singapore Power.
  • Founder of the private venture, Enviro Gas Pte Ltd.
  • Pioneer in the introduction of green cutting gas in key shipyards throughout Singapore with regional expansion plans.
  • Graduate in Business Administration, National University of Singapore


PARTNER (Industrial Engineering Director)

  • Over 10 years corporate career in the power and utilities industry.
  • Involved at pioneer stage of natural gas distribution network and industrial fuel conversion project at Jurong and Tuas industrial area since 2001.
  • Hands-on experience in industrial project implementation and management skill.
  • Co-founder of private venture, Enviro Gas Pte Ltd, as Technical Director in 2009.
  • Pioneer in the introduction of green fuel for metal fabrication of key shipyards in Singapore with regional expansion plans.
  • Graduate with Mechanical Engineering Degree from Iowa State University, USA

Chin Yik Ming (THOMAS)

Partner (Business Development & Capital Market Director)

  • Over 13 years of global experience in business development, as well as private equity/venture capital (capital market).
  • A professional trustee and partner in Platinum Alliance Limited, a Cayman/BVI registered private equity Multiple Family Offices (MFO) firm since 2008
  • Performing multiple rounds of deal origination, structuring, and direct investment through private equity/Pre IPOs for various real estate, mining, life science, and agriculture companies in the Asia.
  • Performing multiple rounds of Reverse Take Over (RTO) and private fund raising works.
  • Investing and providing independent advisories on several business ventures in Asia, including one of the current biggest social platform companies.
  • Degree (Honours) in Electric Engineering, double majors in Electronics and Accounting/Finance & Economics, The University of Melbourne, Australia


Design & Planning/Project Management Director/Appointed Advisor

  • Director and founder of reputable WKL Design Sdn Bhd and WKL Project Consultancy Services with multiple award-winning projects.
  • Over 20 years experience and track record in Technical Design, Planning, and Project Management over multiple scales of development with established developers.
  • Good established relationships with relevant authorities and agencies.
  • Multiple track records across Iskandar Development Region (IDR) and Malaysia in Project Consultancy and Building including (iconic) residential, commercial, and industrial developments.